Monday, February 13, 2017

Sketches of a trip. December 2016 - January 2017. Introducing Biniam Tekle.

In this post, I would like to introduce you to Biniam Tekle, a very gifted young Eritrean artist.

Part of his art is posted below. Included are some examples of his various art exhibits in Eritrea.

I am impressed with the growing number of artists (fine arts, film, music and etc.) in Eritrea.

In order for the arts to go to the next level, accommodate the interest, be sustainable, harness the talent and be centralized, the establishment of a school of fine arts, a film school,and a school of music is of great importance. Graduates from these schools would be highly disciplined, highly knowledgeable critics, and be armed with ethics. Since artists are at the forefront of Eritrea's soft power, an active role of the diaspora (financial, teaching, technical and etc.) should be solicited.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

A new brochure from Prof. Betty La Duke

Prof. Betty La Duke produced a new brochure about her art donation to Eritrea. Below is the scanned copy of her new brochure.

Monday, January 16, 2017

From Eritrea with Love: New Year Art Donation by a renowned artist-scholar, Prof. Betty La Duke

I had the pleasure of accompanying Prof. Betty La Duke to Eritrea in mid-December 2016.

Prof. Betty La Duke, a world renowned artist-scholar and professor of art emeritus at Southern Oregon University donated her Eritrea related paintings, sketches and wood panels to the people and government of Eritrea. Before the return of the Eritrea related paintings to their permanent home in Eritrea, the above mentioned paintings were exhibited in over 25 cities  and university museums in the United States.

The sponsor of Prof. La Duke's artwork was the Commission of Culture and Sports of Eritrea and the artwork was exhibited at the Asmara Palace Hotel from December 21-28, 2016. Prof. La Duke's artwork include: 23 paintings on canvas, 3 wood panels and 18 sketches. According to the Commission, Prof. La Duke's artwork would tour the rest of the country in the near future.

Below are pictures from the event. Photos courtesy of the Commission of Culture and  Sports and the  video at the bottom is courtesy of ERI-TV.

Art students visiting the exhibit.

Prof. La Duke's visit to Massawa. Sketch book always in hand.

Prof. La Duke with ERI-TV journalist, Raffaelle.

Natalie E. Brown,  U.S. Charge' d'affaires' tweet on her visit to the exhibit.
Below is ERI-TV's interview with Prof. La Duke.